Floor Tile Adhesive

Tile monkey offers a variety of flooring adhesives to cater for your tiling needs. If your subfloor is chipboard, a layer of primer should be placed under the adhesive to increase the strength of the adhesion. If the subfloor is concrete then a non-flexible adhesive may be used, however a flexible adhesive must be used on surfaces where there will be movement.

Certain floor tile materials such as marble are heavy products and a cement based adhesive should be used to counteract the additional weight. It is important the colour of the adhesive matches the tile colour to reduce the risk of colouring staining your tiles. If a natural tile is being installed then a white adhesive should be is recommended as the colouring will not seep through into the tile.

Normal setting adhesive will take 24 hours to dry and it easy to use. A rapid set adhesive will only take a few hours to use; however, it is harder to work with. We also offer combined adhesive and grout mixture if you were wanting to reduce the workload and use the same formula for the adhesive and grouting.

If you require any further assistance, feel free to contact our helpful monkeys.

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