Kitchen Tile Adhesive

Ensure your kitchen tiles are properly installed with our range of Europe’s highest quality adhesives. Adhesive is used to secure tiles to a sublayer before the grouting process takes place. Our kitchen adhesives are available in a variety of colours to ensure you can coordinate the adhesive with the tile colour. If the colours do not match then this can lead to tiles being stained as the adhesive seeps through.

If you are intending on laying heavy duty tiles such as marble, a cement based adhesive should be used to ensure the weight of the tiles can be resisted. If there are any areas in your kitchen where water may splash the tiles it is advised to seal the tiles. We offer a range of sealants to cover the grouting, which ensures no water or condensation drains into the tiles.

If you are in a rush to get the job done then we also offer rapid setting adhesives, however a regular adhesive is easier to work worth. A rapid setting adhesive will take a few hours to dry, where as a regular adhesive will need to be left to dry for 24 hours before you are able to grout the area.

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Touch and Feel!

We offer free samples on all our tiles, allow you to touch and feel the quality prior to purchasing.

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