Mosaic Tile Adhesive

Our range of quality adhesives assures we have the ideal products to help install mosaic tiles. The variation in colour of mosaic tiles can really bring a room to life and it would be a shame to stain the tile. We offer a variety of colours to ensure the adhesive can be coordinated with the selected mosaic tiles.

For mosaic tiles, smaller than 300mm X 600mm a premixed adhesive can be used, however larger tiles should be secured using a powdered adhesive. Also, if the mosaic tile is made of a heavy material such as marble, then a cement based adhesive should be used to compensate for the weight of the tile.

We also have products which can act as both adhesives and grouts. This can be extremely efficient as you are not wasting any time mixing a new compound together. If you are worried about condensation then ensure you properly seal the grout to reduce the risk of moisture effecting sublayers.

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