Wall Tile Adhesive

Wall adhesive is used to secure tiles to a wall before the grouting process takes place. If you are wanting to increase the strength of the adhesion then we would advise looking at our great selection of primers. You coat the sub-wall with a primer before laying the adhesive. The primer and adhesive should be manufactured by the same brand to increase the effectiveness of the foundation.

We offer a range of pre-mixed and powdered adhesives. Pre-mixed adhesives can be used on tiles smaller than 300mm X 600mm, however powdered adhesive should be used for larger tiles. If you are wanting to get a job done quickly then a rapid setting adhesive would be recommended as it dries within a few hours.

Adhesive is available in a variety of colours, allowing you to coordinate your adhesive with your desired tile. This is important as some adhesives can seep through into natural porous tiles. If you are unsure about colour, purchasing white adhesive is always a safe bet. Combined adhesive and grout mixture is also available if you are wanting to reduce the workload by applying the same compound.

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