Tile Cleaning & Maintenance

Once your tiles are installed we want to help you keep the tiles in quality condition. Our cleaning and maintenance range is made up of finishing, protecting and stain removal products.

We offer a range of finishing products that will allow you to enhance your tiles appearance from gloss finishes to colour intensifiers. The sealants, sealers and protectors available will prohibit any dirt or moisture accessing sublayers and potentially staining your tiles. When grouting tiles there is always a chance that the grout may stain the tile if it is not removed quick enough. If this unfortunately happens we have a range of cement and grout stain removers to ensure the aesthetics of the tiles are not damaged by the installation process. A regular clean will ensure your tiles stay as good as new and we have a range of everyday cleaning products to help you carry out this service.

Certain cleaning and maintenance products are only suitable for specific tiles depending on the material. If you would like to check you are ordering the correct products then contact our helpful monkeys today.

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Touch and Feel!

We offer free samples on all our tiles, allow you to touch and feel the quality prior to purchasing.

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All of our samples are completely free and sent to
you via First Class Royal Mail delivery!

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