Floor Tile Grout

You should grout the gaps in between your floor tiles to reduce the risk of dirt or liquid reaching the subfloor. Our range of floors grouts are available in multiple colours, allowing you to select the perfect colour to compliment your floor. Grout is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. If you are unsure what colour will compliment your tile then white is a safe option as it goes with everything.

If you are wanting a slicker finish then sealing your grout will create a protective finish. Sealants are also available in multiple colours to upkeep the aesthetically pleasing appearance. Sealing the tiles will also further ensure that water or dirt does not enter the sublayers.

It is always difficult to predict how much grout is needed as it depends on the length and width of the gaps between the tiles. Don’t be afraid to contact our advice monkey with any questions you may have.

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Touch and Feel!

We offer free samples on all our tiles, allow you to touch and feel the quality prior to purchasing.

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