Metro Tiles

One of the hottest tiles of this year, metro tiles are back and bigger than ever. Whether you use them horizontally for a classic look or install them vertically for a trendy retro look, the metro tile is sure to make your home look stunning. The metro tile has a slightly bevelled edge which gives the tile its signature shape and curve on the edges for extra definition.

The metro tile is arguably one of the most classic tiles thanks to its iconic shape and style. The metro tile now comes in such a variety of colours and textures your practically spoiled for choice! The look of a metro tile is incredibly modern, especially with a high gloss finish. The metro tile has seen a recent period of rejuvenation thanks to the increase is popularity of the herringbone style. You may have heard that mentioned before, but the herringbone style is huge right now and when used with a metro tile you have a double winner on your hands.

,p>The metro tile can therefore offer you such a versatile range of styles, looks and designs it would be hard to find one that isn’t perfect for you. The traditional metro tile is made from ceramic, which means its fairly low maintenance needing only a damp mop or cloth to maintain its beautiful shine and finish as well as its quality.

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