Black Tiles

Black tiles look stunning, giving a sophisticated an luxurious style to any home. Black tiles are sometimes considered to darken a room and making it appear uninviting. This however isn't the case. Black tiles look beautiful and can actually create a very modern and glamorous aesthetic.

As a colour, black is commonly thought of as being a difficult colour to work with in the home as its naturally dark tone can be detrimental to the overall look of a room. However, this just ins't true. Black tiles when paired with white or any lighter colours can add an incredibly sense of dimension to a room by creating the illusion of more space. As well as this, black is actually a very harmonious colour and is able to be paired with any number of other accent colours to create your perfect style. Black works particularly well with whites, oranges, green, blues, pinks and other similar bold statement colours.

Dark tiles makes for incredibly easy maintenance. Everyday wear and tear such as stains and scratches are far less visible when compared to a lighter tile for example. This will increase the life of your tile as they won't need replacing should a scratch occur. A black tile paired with plenty of good light, whether that be artificial or natural, will create a strong visual environment that will help to create a beautifully modern and stunning bathroom or kitchen. Be bold, be different, check out our black tiles today!

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