Black & White Tiles

Black and white tiles are fantastically retro and give you that classic tile look that inspired a timeless trend and we're all still hopelessly devoted. The infamous duo, black and white, are still as popular as ever and they look especially stunning when used with tiles. For a tile floor or wall with a pop, see our entire collection below.

You will struggle to find a more harmonious pair of colours than black and white. Their ageless look will give your home a modern yet retro look for that perfect balance between old and new. Plus, patterns are a huge tile trend of late giving you no excuse not to check our our collection!

Black and white tiles give you that perfect balance between light and dark, making any room feel spacious and airy thanks to the sense of dimension created by these contrasting colours. Similarly, black and white are perfectly neutral shades that are married well with every other colour on offer, leaving you open to work with other colours and palettes in your home without the worry of clashing. This gives you a huge variety of styles to work with and gives you all the power to create something truly beautiful.

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