Cream Tiles

Cream tiles are incredibly popular thanks to their neutral tones and ease of incorporation. Cream is a beautiful colour that offers you a bright and neutral colour that is perfect for any bathroom or kitchen. Maintaining its crown, cream tiles are a timeless option so take a look at ours today to see what we mean.

A cream tile can freshen up any room in an instant thanks to its natural aesthetic and work particularly well when paired with other similar neutral and earthy tones. Cream, similar to a white tile, acts as a blank canvas that allows you to build a strong theme or style to a room. Cream is able to be coupled with nearly any colour, making it's applications huge and giving you a seemingly unlimited choice of styles and looks to go for. Because of its light colour it can bring in a beautiful amount of light to a room, helping smaller rooms appear larger. This makes cream tiles perfect for those smaller properties, such as flats, to add that little bit of spacious atmosphere.

Cream tiles are more likely than darker colours to show up that dreaded dust and dirt. But don't fret - this is actually a very positive thing! Noticing and cleaning these daily wear and tear marks means your tiles will actually live a longer life all while maintaining their excellent quality. So there you have it, cream, the all-rounder of tiles!

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