Green Tiles

Green tiles are stunning, giving you a subtle amount of colour that is just enough to add a pop of something extra to a room. Green tile might not have been your first colour of choice, but when paired with creams and beiges green creates a homely country look to a bathroom or kitchen. As well as this, green is a great way of building a colour scheme and allows you to create an endless amount of styles.

Green is a beautifully natural colour that can make a room feel fresh and clean. Green tiles can breathe a new lease of life in to a room thanks to its calming and environmental look. The practical benefits of a green tile, as with any tile that's not pale, are incredible as they are less likely to show up those everyday wear and tear signs. This included scuffs and scratches that would be glaringly obvious with a pale tile for example. Additionally, a pale green tile will show up those spills and splashes in either your bathroom or kitchen. By being more visible it makes cleaning noticeably easier and will give you a more hygienic surface that will have a beautiful shine.

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