Grey Tiles

Grey is an incredibly fashionable colour right now and make greatly modernise your home. Once thought of as a fairly uninteresting colours, grey now offers a warm and calming atmosphere that looks trendy and modern. Grey tiles comes in a variety of different shades. From a yellow based hue for a warmer effect to a more blue hue for a modern and metallic look, there is a grey tile to suit every home.

Grey tiles can help to create a bold and strong styles that look gorgeous. Grey as a colour can be use to create a variety of different emotions. It can help a larger room feel that bit smaller and cosier as well as adding a dash of sophistication and class. An important note however is that grey can sometimes appear a bit draining as a colour, to avoid this, work with bolder accent colours such as accessories or furniture pieces to inject that bit of life and excitement to a room.

Grey tiles are easily maintained as they still show up dirt and marks meaning you can increase the life of the tiles by regular maintenance and cleaning these imperfections as and when you spot them. Thanks to their slightly darker colour however, slight imperfections such as scratches are less likely to be visible, which is of course a definite benefit. This makes the general maintenance a lot less when compared with a brighter tile, perfect for those who hate the idea of cleaning!

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