Red Tiles

Red tiles are a true statement piece. The offer a warm palette tone and allow you to work with a bright and bold look. Compared to a cream or beige tile, a red tile can add a splash of drama to a room, something that is very much a modern trend and will keep your home looking fresh and contemporary from the moment it is installed.

Don't shy away from red tiles, they might seem intimidating at first, but you'll soon fall in love with their gorgeous colour. Red tiles are an excellent way of livening up an otherwise dull room. The warm colour will make any room feel cosier and more inviting and when paired with accessories such as candles and gold colours you will have a truly relaxing kitchen or bathroom. As a bolder colour, you are less likely to notice scratches or scuff marks with a red tile. This means that you can keep that freshly installed look for longer, giving you incredible value for your pennies.

Stop playing it safe and close that beige tile tab, it's time to branch out and play with some colour. Take a look at our red tiles and you'll soon be convinced that their exciting colour is perfect your your home.

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