Matt Tiles

If you’re looking for a more traditional and rustic look, matt tiles could be perfect for you. Matt tiles don't have a shine finish to them as you would find with a gloss tile for example. Matt tiles give a modern and sophisticated look and works well when you accessorise your room with other modern and contemporary pieces.

Matt tiles don’t just offer a great look, they also offer the ability to be slightly more slip resistant. Their non-gloss finish means that they are less likely to become slippery when wet which is perfect for bathrooms and especially floor tiles. Matt tiles look beautiful thanks to their minimalist look that can help to bring a touch of style to your home.

Without a shine, matt tiles also make stains less obvious. This includes water marks which are glaringly obvious with a gloss tile. As a result you will will have to spend less time wiping down your tiles in your bathroom or kitchen thanks to water splashes for instance. A generally low maintenance tile, the matt tile offers you a great look and ease of maintenance.

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