Polished Tiles

Polished tiles are the perfect in between of a gloss and a matt. A porcelain tile does still have a shine but nowhere near as obvious as a glaze and not as little as a matt. Polished tiles are exposed to an expertise polishing method that gives the tiles a slight shine without the need for any additional products.

If you’re looking for something that is slap bang in the middle of a gloss and a matt then the polish tile is exactly perfect for you. The polish tile still has the great quality of both the matt and the gloss but gives you a slightly more understated shine that looks beautiful in any room. The slight shine brings in a modest amount of light to a room without bouncing the light quite as harshly as a gloss.

Polished tiles are very easy to clean, the polished finish makes the tiles easy to wipe clean and get rid of those irritating water marks that are unfortunately unavoidable. This makes your cleaning process noticeably quicker and will also help in preserving the quality of your tiles long term as regular maintenance will help your tiles to last longer.

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