Satin Tiles

For a gorgeous tile that gives a beautifully subtle shine, satin tiles are perfect. Satin tiles give a slight, modest shine that looks incredibly modern and elegant. Because of its very slight shine, satin tiles are very easy to clean, making them perfect for those who would rather not spend too much time cleaning!

Smooth to the touch, satin tiles give a soft and comfortable texure. The shine of a satin tile can only be visible from certain angles, giving you both a matt and a shine finish without being one more than the other. This is great for creating contemporary looks with a touch of class.

Satin tiles are as easy to clean as any other smooth finished tile needing only a wipe down or a mop to uphold its stunning finish. Because of this, the satin finish is an excellent low maintenance tile which proves its durability in high traffic areas like kitchens bathrooms and even hallways for example.

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