Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are an excellent way of introducing some design and style to your bathroom to kitchen. The look of glass tiles give you a sophisticated and modern look while also giving you a little bit of shine and colour.

The unique look of a glass tile gives you a beautiful aesthetic unparalleled with any other type of tile. Glass tiles are very easy to maintain and offer the benefit of stain resistance, meaning you don’t have to worry about any of those annoying spillages causing any long-term damage. In terms of strength, glass tiles are incredibly durable and will pay themselves off by the many years of quality they will offer you. Similarly, glass tiles are very easy to clean needing only a quick wipe down to maintain their fantastic look.

If you’re environment conscious, then glass tiles are your perfect choice. A lot of glass tile combine recycled glass as part of their make-up, giving them a great sustainable edge over most other tile types.

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