Limestone Tiles

Limestone is a natural material made from sedimentary rocks and is very popular within the tiling world thanks to its many benefits. It’s strong, durable and beautiful giving you the whole package. Take a look at our amazing Limestone collection and order yourself a free sample today!

Limestone is a very strong material that can definitely withstand high traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms or hallways. This everyday use will eventually wear down other tiles but limestones strength and resistance will certainly give it an extra few years on other tiles. Aside from their strength, limestone tiles are absolutely stunning. Their colour creates a ageless and charming environment with warm earthy tones.

In terms of price, limestone is incredibly cost effective. Considering the physical properties and the aesthetic properties you are getting incredible value for money. Additionally, limestone requires very little maintenance as a sweep and a mop or a wipe down for walls will maintain its great look and quality.

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