Quartz Tiles

As one of the most beautiful tiles on the market, quartz certainly delivers on looks. But it’s more than just a pretty face, quartz is an unbelievably strong material that gives your the best of both worlds - beauty and strength. When you buy a quartz tile you are investing in an excellent life long tile that won’t stop delivering in quality.

There are two main type of quartz tiles. People most often associate quartz with having the mirror flecks that give it it’s signature sparkle which looks stunning. However, there is another type of quartz tile called quartzite. A quartzite tile doesn’t have the mirror flecks in giving you a natural quartz look similar to a natural stone or slate. Both have their advances and are both gorgeous so it’s up to you which you would prefer.

As previously mentioned, quartz is a very strong material and you’re unlikely to ever break it which means it won’t need replacing in the. Time that you own it. This saves you money in the long run which you can spend on other home essentials to complete your ideal home look. All that’s needed to maintain a quartz tile is a simple mop or cloth, we would always recommend the follow the manufacturers care instructions though, they always know best!

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