Slate Tiles

Slate tiles offer a beautifully stunning look that can bring in a great natural aesthetic thanks to its earthy tones. Using slate tiles can add a noticeable amount of value to your home while also offering a slightly softer and feel to the touch than some other tile types.

Choosing a slate tile will give you an incredibly finish with a unique colour that is sure to give you a bathroom or kitchen that will be at the envy of every visitor. Slate has its natural minerals to thank for its great practical abilities too. Slate tiles are excellent at retaining heat, making it perfect for giving you that warmer feeling underfoot that some tiles can’t live up to. Similarly, because it is a natural material, it is also excellent with water resistance meaning that you’re unlikely to experience any mould or mildew build-up over the years.

The natural texture of slate gives it a great anti-slip benefit which is perfect for bathrooms that experience a lot of moisture. Although having a slightly rougher texture, slate tiles aren’t uncomfortable to touch and they actually have a soft feel even though their surface is uneven.

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