Stone Tiles

One of the strongest materials on the market, stone is a great choice for those who are looking for that bit of luxury but also a tile that will last for years. Stone is a material that looks expensive and will give you wall or floor a fabulous sense of style and elegance in an instant.

Stone is unlikely to ever break meaning you wouldn’t need to replace your tiles, saving you money in the long run. Compare this with a carpet that would definitely need replacing more than once, stone tiles prove their worth through their durability. Their strength also makes them perfect for areas in your house that experience high traffic such as hallways, kitchens of bathrooms. Stone is slightly more expensive upfront granted, however, stone will last a lot longer than a cheaper tile and make a perfect long-term investment that will add noticeable value to your property.

Stone is definitely an environmentally friendly choice. Their ability to retain heat makes them great for warming your home and giving you that cosy feeling underfoot which is so crucial in the winter.

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We offer free samples on all our tiles, allow you to touch and feel the quality prior to purchasing.

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