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Bathroom tiles are a range of wall tiles and floor tiles that have either been especially designed for use in bathroom spaces, or exhibit strong, durable qualities which enable them to be used within these areas. From classic plain white to highly patterned mosaics, and from decorative border tiles to more subtle solutions for full coverage, there’s a great deal of flexibility and diversity in bathroom tile ranges today. This means that tile can suit all styles of bathroom, helping you to tailor the look to your preferences.

Tiles are often the preferred type of both floor and wall covering not only for bathroom areas, but also for lavatories and wet rooms, too; anywhere that’s prone to water splashes, or high levels of moisture in the air. This is because other materials such as wood are very porous in nature, and can quickly and easily absorb water, leading to damage including warping and breakages. This damage can not only affect the overall look of the floor, but can also significantly reduce the longevity of the materials.

Tile is different. Porcelain tile, for example, has a very low water absorption rate, which is why it has fast become one of the most popular bathroom tile materials. However, even materials that are naturally more porous, such as ceramic and natural stone, can be used in the bathroom if they’ve been finished with a non-porous glaze. These non-absorbent finishes help to give homeowners more choice over the materials they use in their home, allowing them to get a look that they really love.

As bathroom tiles don’t absorb water, they’re also incredibly hygienic. Not only are they wipe-clean for easy upkeep and low maintenance, but they won’t hold water inside the materials. This can greatly reduce the risk of moisture build-up in the bathroom and, ultimately, minimise the risk of damp and mould. This makes bathroom tiles a particularly good choice for families who suffer with allergies, especially if these allergies can sometimes be triggered by the presence of mould spores in the air.

Bathroom tiles are practical, but they’re also stylish. While the classic white bathroom tiles are still widely available, and are hugely popular because of the crisp, clean look they provide, there’s a wide range of alternative choices available today, too. Intricate mosaic tiles help to bring a touch of character to a part of the home that is traditionally quite plain, while pale shades help to create a very serene, tranquil environment. Blends of blues and greens are great, too, giving off an open, airy, ocean vibe.

Most floor tiles for bathrooms that are on the market today will be labelled as being ‘non-slip’. This means that they will have a slightly textured surface, rather than a smooth, polished finish. This helps to improve their anti-slip properties, and makes them a much safer option for bathrooms and wet rooms, especially for homes with children. The textured surface of the tile should be subtle enough to feel gentle underfoot, and yet still be rough enough to ensure a good grip even in damp or wet conditions.

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