White Bathroom Tiles

A statement colour, white tiles are the classic choice for any bathroom. White tiles can create a clean cut and crisp look as well as being incredibly useful when incorporating in to patterns or borders.

Why choose white bathroom tiles?

White tiles are the most hygienic as they are more likely to show up dirt meaning you'll know earlier when they need a good scrub down. This is something to consider when looking for a tile as the darker the tile, the harder it is to see things that need cleaning, and this can be detrimental to some materials. White tiles can be used to create an almost limitless amount of looks thanks to its versatility, allowing you to block colour them or incorporate them in to patterns, mosaics or borders. As with other neutral tile colours, white tiles can be coupled with different coloured grouting to create a striking look where the tiles really pop. Our white tiles are available with a variety of finishes including matte and gloss giving you even more choice.

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