Matt Bathroom Tiles

A matt tile, unlike other tile finishes, doesn't shine or offer any reflective abilities. Instead, a matte finish tile offers a more rustic and natural look that doesn't look as though its had additional treatments. Matt bathroom tiles are particularly popular as they are more slip-resistant as well as stylish, being found in many modern homes.

Why choose matte bathroom tiles?

Offering more of a slip resistance than other tiles, matte tiles are ideal for using in bathrooms. Matte finished tiled can offer more grip when exposed to moisture, so could help to reduce the chance of slipping or falling, making them safer in terms of practicality. A long lasting tile finish, matte tiles need little maintenance and are less prone to showing up those annoying water marks from the shower. Matte tiles are not only a practical choice, but a stylish one too, as matte tiles are all the rage in home right now.

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