Riven Bathroom Tiles

If you're trying to replicate a natural effect look, riven tiles are an excellent choice. The look of a riven tile is typically achieved by splitting the material so that natural grooves and lines appear. This is particularly impactful if used in conjunction with stone or slate effect tiles as it can replicate those natural textures.

Why choose riven bathroom tiles?

Riven tiles are recommended if you're looking to recreate the natural look of a material but it can also help by adding a sense of texture to your bathroom for that all important rustic look. Riven tiles also look amazing in porcelain or ceramic tiles too, continuing to add that extra sense of dimension and flow to a room. A riven tile is also less likely to show up water marks from moisture thanks to their uneven finish. Unlike a gloss tile for example, where water and soap marks would be obvious, riven tiles will look cleaner for longer.

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