Satin Bathroom Tiles

If you're looking for something that is perfectly in between a gloss and a matte finished tile then a satin tiles are what you're looking for. Satin tiles come with a slight shine that isn't as reflective as a gloss and not as dull as a matte. Because of their middle ground appearance, satin tiles can offer a high quality appearance that doesn't instantly steal the attention in your bathroom.

Why choose satin bathroom tiles?

A satin tile is ideal for those who are wanting something that is slap-bang in the middle of a gloss and a matte tile. Satin finishes give the tile a smooth finish with a slight shine that doesn't glare, meaning that the tiles in your bathroom won't reflect too much light, which can be useful in bathrooms that are trying to appear smaller. Satin tiles looks stylish and top quality, so look perfect in any bathroom. Satin finishes work particularly well with marble effect tiles too, offering that more natural look.

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