Quartz Bathroom Tiles

Quartz is a gorgeous material that is also very practical too. Quartz can instantly modernise a room and help to bring light in thanks to its sparkling mineral flecks. Quartz is an excellent choice when trying to emulate a modern and elegant look in your bathroom.

Why choose quartz bathroom tiles?

Quartz is a strong material that can withstand a considerable amount of weight and impact. This means it is unlikely to ever crack of chip meaning it can last for years and never need replacing. Not only is it strong, quartz is also considered to be low maintenance thanks to its ability to dispel moisture, needing only a damp cloth to clean. However, it's important to avoid using harsh products when cleaning as this could damage the surface. The most notable quality of quartz is its sparkling effect. Achieved naturally, quartz has mineral specks that give the material a glittery effect that looks beautiful in any light.

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