Slate Bathroom Tiles

A natural material, slate offers a truly unique look to every bathroom. It's natural aesthetic helps to create a rustic atmosphere and is very much in demand thanks to the trend of bringing nature in to the home. Long lasting and water resistant, slate is a reliable and stylish choice.

Why choose slate bathroom tiles?

Slate is in high demand in recent years thanks not only to its beautiful look, but its great practical abilities too. Unlike smooth porcelain tiles, slates natural finish is imperfect, giving it more grip and making it harder for someone to slip when getting out of the shower or bath. A heavy-duty material that is particularly water resistant, slate lasts a lot longer in a bathroom than some other materials. It is also a great natural conductor of heat and works well with underfloor heating. It's ability to circulate and retain heat would help with warming your bathroom at a much lower cost than other materials.

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