Travertine Bathroom Tiles

A form of limestone, travertine is a material that possesses great strength and longevity as well as looking incredible in any bathroom. Typically ivory, beige or reddish brown in colour, travertine offers a high-end look with all of the added benefits of practicality too.

Why choose travertine bathroom tiles?

Travertine is easily cut and shaped, making it perfect for adjusting to smaller or unconventionally shaped places. Made from natural materials, travertine is therefore a more environmentally sound choice in comparison to other man-made materials. The natural colours of travertine offer a softer and more subtle colour palette that can bring a relaxed and neutral environment. The different colours of travertine are dependent on the levels of iron present in the stone therefore giving an authentic earthy tone. Because of its uniqueness, travertine is easy to replace should it need it, as the natural imperfections on the finish mean you don't have to hunt out a specific tile as you would with a porcelain tile for example.

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