Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are a form of durable floor covering that have fast become a popular alternative to other types of flooring, like wood or linoleum. Most commonly available in porcelain, natural stone, marble, and ceramic, there has been a surge in the use of more unusual floor tile materials in recent years, including slate, limestone, and terracotta. Floor tile is widely considered to be more hardwearing than carpet, more durable than laminate, and more cost effective than hardwood.

One of the most impressive characteristics of floor tile is its easy-to-clean, low maintenance nature. As a floor covering that can simply be wiped with a damp cloth, and which doesn’t trap dirt, floor tiles are particularly good options for entrance ways that are prone to muddy footprints, for homes with pets to minimise a build up of animal fur, and for areas where spills are likely, such as the kitchen or dining room. Overall, they offer an excellent level of hygiene, without the need for excessive levels of care.

Some homeowners may be concerned about the use of tile in wet areas such as bathrooms, lavatories, or wet rooms, due to their slippery nature. These concerns were responsible for the disastrous trend of carpet bathrooms back in the 1970s and 1980s; a very unhygienic option! The good news is that there are many tiles that are especially designed to be non-slip, made with a gently textured surface that allows for a better grip in damp conditions. Today, floor tiles are a top choice for bathroom spaces.

However, floor tiles aren’t just about safety; they’re about style, too. There is a great deal of choice when it comes to floor tiles, and one of the most fascinating emerging interior decor trends today is to opt for busy, patterned floor tiles, which replicate the intricate designs of Moorish mansions, and bring a touch of Middle Eastern exoticism into the home. There’s also a wide range of finishes to choose from, including high gloss, subtle matt, polished, etched, and brushed, all of which bring a different look and feel.

One of the most important questions that homeowners are asking today is ‘glazed or unglazed?’. Both types of floor tile have their own unique qualities. Glazed ceramic is arguably one of the most hardwearing floor tile materials, great for areas of heavy foot traffic. Unglazed natural stone, on the other hand, may be a little softer but it has a raw, rugged nature which means that it’s almost impossible to see any wear and tear on the tile. This creates a look that never falters, even with heavy usage.

Ultimately, floor tiles are designed to last, which makes them one of the best flooring choices for many people. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to stay in your home forever, or move to new property in the near future; if your floors could do with a new lease of life, tiling is a hugely sensible option. With so much variety when it comes to colours, shapes, patterns, and sizes, it’s remarkably easy to tailor your tiled look to your own specifications, creating a look that perfectly matches your needs.

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