Natural Stone Floor Tiles

Natural stone tiles are not only stunning but also incredibly durable and long lasting. For use indoor or out, natural stone tiles are a long term investment that can add value to your property.

Why choose natural stone floor tiles?

A strong and reliable material, stone lasts forever and consequently would never need replacing once installed. Natural stone also helps to bring in a sense of the outdoors to your home, something that is very much on trend at the moment - for those avid interior design followers out there!

Paired with neutral and earthy tones, natural stone floors greatly help an aesthetic impact of a room. Stone is also a strong conductor of heat, so works perfectly with underfloor heating as it is able to retain heat for longer than a wood or carpet flooring. This means in the winter you can enjoy a warm, cosy floor and in the summer you can appreciate stones natural cooler state. It's non-porous state also means that it does not harbour allergens as a carpet would, so helps to keep a cleaner home.

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