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Kitchen tiles are floor tiles and wall tiles that are created for, or suitable for use in kitchen areas. The tiles may either be especially designed for kitchen spaces, or boast qualities that make them good choices for areas of the home which may be prone to frequent spills, and a high moisture content in the air. Floor tiles for the kitchen will often feature a non-slip, textured finish, rather than a smoothly polished surface, to improve the safety of the tiles and ensure they offer a good grip underfoot to reduce the risk of trips and slips.

Wood flooring and papered walls are sometimes seen in kitchen areas, but tile is the most common option. This is because kitchen tiles simply wipe clean, so it doesn’t matter whether you’ve splattered a little tomato sauce on the wall while cooking dinner, or the kids have dumped a thick, gooey brownie batter all over the floor; tile is very easy to keep looking clean. Wood and paper, on the other hand, are typically higher maintenance, and could easily become damaged when exposed to these stresses.

But it’s not just the hygienic nature of kitchen tiles that makes them a great option; it’s their durability, too. Today, the kitchen isn’t just for cooking. The kitchen is fast becoming the ‘heart of the home’, used for socialising, relaxing, kids’ activities, and so on. A modern kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home, which means it needs a floor that’s going to withstand whatever we’re going to throw at it. Tile is famous for being strong and long lasting; just what your busy kitchen requires.

One of the most attractive features of kitchen tiles is that they’re so diverse. In fact, thanks to the many different sizes, shapes, styles, patterns, and colours of kitchen tile that are now widely available, tile can work in many styles of kitchen where you wouldn’t necessarily think to use it. Farmhouse style kitchens benefit from raw, rustic materials like limestone, terracotta, and other natural stone, while industrial style kitchens look great with glazed porcelain, or even with brick effect kitchen tiles.

When it comes to the kitchen, homeowners can use their tiles in a wide range of ways. Full floor and wall coverings are a popular option, but half walls, and feature walls, can also be a great idea. Heavily patterned kitchen tiles are perfect for adding a bright and vibrant feature wall, while brick effect tiles can be coupled with paint or wallpaper for a “mix 'n' match” effect. Kitchen tiles can also be used on a smaller scale to create a great looking splashback, or to frame your room with an elegant tiled border.

One of the hottest kitchen trends right now is to use subway tiles, which reflect the grandeur and romance of early 20th century New York. In fact, many of the city’s subway stations still feature remnants of the original 1904 ceramic work; a sophisticated look that can be replicated in your own home. White subway tiles help to give your kitchen a fresh, clean look, but for those searching for something a little more daring, colourful subway tiles – particularly classic greens – work really well.

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