Brick & Metro Kitchen Tiles

Brick shaped tiles grant you to ability to create any number of different look or themes. From the familiar and traditional horizontal format were used to seeing with bricks to the unique metro pattern. Brick tiles can be manipulated to make some great looks, scroll down to find out what you can create in your kitchen!

Why choose brick and metro effect kitchen tiles?

Using brick shaped tiles in the traditional horizontal format will allow you to create a timeless and yet contemporary kitchen wall or floor. It also lends to room a more simplistic and clean-cut look that will forever look modern. This can also help if the tiles aren't your intended focal point for the room. On the other hand, if you're looking for something that will stand out then a metro style is more what you're looking for. The metro look is achieved by laying the bricks on inverted angles to form an almost zig sag pattern. Metro style is distinctive and contemporary and looks great in any kitchen, in any colour.

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