Patterned Kitchen Tiles

On track to be a huge trend, patterned tiles are quickly rising in popularity. A patterned tile can help to add a sense of character to your kitchen and can even allow you to work further with accent colours in the room. The current fascination for vintage, incorporating the old with the new, means that pattern tiles will bring your kitchen right in to trend.

Why choose patterned kitchen tiles?

Pattern tiles are amazing for getting creative with your kitchen. From a classic black and white variation to patterned tiles that incorporate different colours and styles. A patterned tile can bring a lot of character to a room thanks to its almost vintage look and can help to make a kitchen seem less dull, as patterned tiles are far more exiting to the eye than a block colour design. They also add a sense of texture which can create a further sense of depth to your kitchen, making it look that bit more expensive.

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