Quartz Kitchen Tiles

Quartz kitchen tiles are the perfect choice if you're looking for a contemporary tile with a touch of bling. Unlike their ceramic and porcelain counterparts, Quartz tiles are produced by combining a mix of natural quartz, mirror flecks, colour pigment and then resin to bind everything together. The surface of the tile is then highly polished with the end result being a luxurious tile with a distinctive sparkle.

Why choose Quartz kitchen tiles?

Aside from their prestigious appearance and beautiful sparkle, our Quartz kitchen tiles and incredibly strong so they're unlikely to break or develop any cracks. On top of this they are also very easy to maintain and clean, unless any stains occur then there is no need for any nasty chemicals or detergents; a warm cloth/mop should suffice! Our range are available in a wide variety of colours making them easy to adapt or fit with any theme that you may have within your home.

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