Patterned Mosaic Tiles

Make a statement with our patterned mosaic tiles, designed by us, utilised by you. It's time to release your inner designer as you put your spin on things and create your own unique style within your home.

Why choose our Patterned Mosaic tiles?

If you're one for keeping up with the trends then you need to jump on board this one. Patterned tiles are the 'in' thing right now and can help to modernise your home if that's what you're looking to do. As well as adding that touch of the modern world, pattern tiles incorporate a lot of classic designs and offer a wide range of variation to suit any home.

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Touch and Feel!

We offer free samples on all our tiles, allow you to touch and feel the quality prior to purchasing.


All of our samples are completely free and sent to
you via First Class Royal Mail delivery!

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