4 Ways You Can Use Red Tiles

4 Ways You Can Use Red Tiles

Red tiles can be a great addition to your place, it can give colour and brings life to your place.  However, it can be a bit tricky to know how to add red tiles as red is not always an easy colour to combine, besides a bold colour like red can sometimes be a bit intimidating and we can fear to create an overwhelming look. But fear not! This post shows you four ways you can use red tiles.


Since geometric patterns are one of the main trends in interior design now, why not trying it with a red tile? It can give a sense of dimension to your place while a t the same time adding an element of fun! Of course, you need to be careful when doing it, at the end of the day it is a pattern so you need to be sober, otherwise you will end with a busy and chaotic room.


Another great way to use red tiles is by doing it with mosaics. There are lots of ways to incorporate mosaics, for instance you can create a feature wall, you can use them as borders or splashbacks in your kitchen. By doing this, you are using a lively colour on your walls and therefore it helps to open-up smaller rooms. A mosaic splashback behind the cooker or the sink is an excellent way to  add that flair of colour that we mentioned previously.

Metro Tiles

You might have heard about them by now since metro tiles are a major trend! They are perfect if you love vintage look, and they are quite versatile as they allow you to create a wide range of different styles. This mixed with red is perfect if you are not scared of making a statement and you want to show you are an expert in interior design. Combine red tiles with white and you will have an amazing contemporary look.


Try patterned print tiles if you want to add sophistication. They are perfect if you are looking for a rustic or country look. Match these with wood ornaments and you will have the ultimate rural look! As we were saying before geometric patterns are a huge trend in general patterns are! Designers are moving away from neutral colours and are focusing on bold colours, so don’t be scared to try  patterns in stronger colours such as red!


So here you have, four ways of using red tiles! It is more easy than you think to incorporate these designs at your place, so what are you waiting for?

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