A Guide on How to use Slate Tiles

A Guide on How to use Slate Tiles

In a previous post we explained what the advantages of slate tiles are. They are incredibly versatile, fitting in perfectly with contemporary, traditional or modern aesthetics, as well as a favourite among home owners: the rustic look.  But whereas you might be able to see the positive points of slate tiles, you might be a bit confused on how you could introduce them to your place. For this reason, in this post we give a few tips!

Flooring Tiles

Slate tiles are very hardwearing, which means that if you decide to use them for the floor, no matter what room you choose, they will withstand heavy footfall. Also, they are highly suitable for kitchens and bathrooms since they resist water, so spillages are not a problem. In addition, you don’t need to worry if you have underfloor heating since they are totally suitable for it.

Give Texture to Your Walls

You probably know it already, but texture is one of the great interior trends at the moment! And there is nothing better than a natural stone like slate to do it. Layer your textures the same way you would do with colours and make a statement with slate tiles. This is perfect if you like the rustic look.

Get an Amazing Terrace

Since slate is a very strong stone, it is very unlikely to ever break, which means it is great for the outdoors. Slate offers a beautifully aged look that will make your terrace look unique and sophisticated.  A natural material, slate comes in many variations, including variety in colour and texture. These variations basically depend of the natural formation of the tile, and because of this, each stone tile is unique, yet can still be matched with pretty much everything thanks to their natural and neutral tones.

Use Slate as a Decoration Element

You might see slate as too cold a material to use it in floors or walls in some parts of the house, so why not use it as part of the decor, alternating it with other elements such as wood for example. Or, you could create a feature wall - you can create a very special atmosphere with this, while staying very simple with the decoration since you won’t need many other ornaments; slate can make up most of the look. Another possibility in using just bits of slate is incorporating it in a backsplash in your kitchen, which will not only be amazing as decoration, but also be very practical in resisting spillages.

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