Choosing the Correct Adhesive

Choosing the Correct Adhesive

Last week we talked about how grout was important for tiles, well, adhesive is the other element that ensures the successful installation of tiles. Adhesive is used to stick tiles to floors and walls. Just like with grout, depending on the tile, one adhesive can be better than another, so you need to make sure you are choosing the correct one. To this end we have written this post that tells you about the main adhesives and when to use them.

To start with there are two different types of adhesives:

Powdered Adhesives

These adhesives need a bit of preparation. If you use a powdered adhesive you will need to mix it with water - this takes a bit of effort and time yes, but it is very hardwearing and you will be sure that it will keep tiles together. The setting time is quite short, which means you will be able to grout and finish your room quite soon. Powdered adhesives are recommended to use when you want to tile the floor, no matter if it is a timber or concrete or screed. Always make sure the floor is dry before tiling.

What makes powdered adhesives special is that they can be very different. They differ in colour, flexibility and setting time (event though they all are in general quite fast). So the adhesive of your choice will really depend of your project.

Ready Mixed Pastes

This adhesive comes already prepared and can be used straight out of the tub so it is very simple to use. However, even though it is easier to use, it doesn't offer the same strength when bonding tiles as in the case of powdered adhesives. Because it is not as hardwearing, this adhesive is usually used with small tiles.

Ready mixed pastes are advised to be used on walls. Because the floors receive a heavy footfall and then need something very strong, ready mixed pastes won’t do a very good job, and your tiles could get easily damaged. Sometimes in walls, this type of paste is not always suitable however. It works well for small ceramic tiles, but for bigger sizes and any kind of porcelain tile, you will need to go for a powdered adhesive.

So there you have it, the two kinds of adhesive you can find and when you should use them. If you are not sure about how to prepare or even use an adhesive, always ask for the help of a specialist! Whatever you decide to go for, you can check out our site for adhesive options or contact us directly.


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