Get Creative With Your Bathroom Tiles

Get Creative With Your Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom. Probably one of the most important rooms in your home when it comes to functionality but can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to style. Luckily, there a lots of ways of breathing life back in to your bathroom and adding a touch of personalisation to transform the room you have to use, in to a room you want to use.

Why Redesign

People can often worry that if your spruce up your bathroom it will need extra attention when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. This means buyers often opt for a simple and classic design that doesn’t seem to need too much attention. However, this just simply isn’t true. All tiles are incredibly easy to maintain, especially your cheaper ones like porcelain and ceramics. Actually, porcelain and ceramic tiles are the most mass produced meaning they are available in an unbelievable range of designs and colours for your ultimate chance of personalisation. These tiles are very easy to care for, needing only a simple warm soapy sponge down to upkeep their great look.


One of the best ways of giving your tiles a quick restyle is to change up your grout colour. If you’ve got white tiles or black tiles then using the opposite grout colour will make your tile pop and give you a slightly modern yet retro look. This works well with rectangle tiles such as metro tiles but also square tiles too.

If you’re after a more understated look but don’t want to opt for just a one colour palette then try using a framing tile. For example, using square tiles on the majority of your wall and using a rectangular tile half way up the wall to create a border. If you use a colour or pattern for the border you can work with accent colours nicely within your bathroom. Having said that, patterns are incredibly fashionable right now and if you use a black and white pattern floor tile you can easily get that vintage look in an instant.


When imagining tiles, many people will simply think of the typical grid format where the tiles are installed systematically next to one another. However, a lot of people don’t realise there are actually many different tile layouts for a variety of aesthetics. For example, installing your tiles in a herringbone design will add a sense of pattern a fluidity to your walls or floors. Alternatively you can opt for something more classic such as a brick bond for a more classic tile look.


Your tiles are essentially your blank canvas, however, they should never be overlooked. Once you’ve chosen and installed the tile that represents your personality best, it’s time to think about accessories. It’s comes as no surprise to learn that working with accent colours helps to build professional and aesthetically pleasing designs. So try to match things like towels, potted plants, shower curtains, soap dishes and any other knick-knack with your tiles. This creates a strong design scheme that will ultimately improve your homes value massively.

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