How Can You Use Quartz Tiles?

How Can You Use Quartz Tiles?

Quartz is an elegant and luxurious material that is also very durable, which is great for a room with high-traffic. It is also resistant to stains, so is perfect for your kitchen for example. Quartz are perfect for when you want to make a statement since they strongly reflect the homeowners personality, and they are versatile too. This is because they come in lots of shapes and colours suitable for different places in the home. So whether you plan to use quartz tiles or you consider using them, here we give you some ideas on how you can use quartz tiles.

Getting a Classy Bathroom

It is undeniable that quartz tiles add elegance to a bathroom. But they are also great when your bathroom has a lack of light as the quartz’ gloss finish gives life to the bathroom. This finish has a bouncing effect on the light it receives, making the room appear lighter and larger. So even if you go for a dramatic black quartz in a small bathroom, it’s finish will prevent it from feeling busy or smaller.

Add Uniqueness To The Kitchen

There are different possibilities when it comes to using quartz in your kitchen. Quartz is often used as the flooring tile since the kitchen receives heavy footfall, and spillages and other stains quite easily occur. Quartz is perfect in these conditions since gloss finishes are easy to simply wipe clean. But quartz can also be used in more original ways. For example, why not incorporate it in a backsplash or a mosaic? If you like this idea, you can find more details here. Overall, quartz gives originality in the kitchen while also being very practical.

Create an Atmosphere In The Bedroom

You might not want to use tiles for your floor because of their cold feel, but you can always use some tiles for decoration. Quartz tiles in a feature wall for example can create a special atmosphere in your bedroom – decorating a bedroom with the subtle touch of tiles instead of lots of busy ornaments creates a calming and peaceful feeling that will help you relax and improve sleep quality. Because of the sparkling of the quartz, you can go for neutral colours without fearing it will look dull and instead give elegance to your bedroom.

Make a Stand Out Hallway

We can’t stop saying it, but your hallway is so important since it is the first impression your guests get of your place. So, if you want to amaze them, quartz is your perfect accomplice! Their light bouncing effect will make them the focal point of the hallway, which means you don’t need much more to make the place stunning. And because this is another area with heavy traffic, you know you won’t be disappointed by the practicality of quartz!

As you can see, there are many choices and styles when it comes to using quartz tiles in your home - it all depends on which look you like best. So, how do you like quartz tile in your place?

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