How To Care For And Maintain Tiles

How To Care For And Maintain Tiles

If you're doing your research in to what it takes to maintain a tile wall or floor, then look no further, we're going to tell you all you need to know about caring for your tiles so they continue to look incredible for many years. Tile maintenance is something that is very manageable and takes a lot less regular care when compared to other materials.

In terms of basic care, a sweep or vacuum will get up any of that dust or debris from your everyday life, and if you spill something, a damp mop will do the trick. A good tip to avoid spreading dust and dirt around is to use mats at the doors that can collect the majority of dirt from shoes before entering the house. Similarly, if you are installing a tile floor in a room such as a kitchen or lounge, adding feet protectors on things like sofas or tables will help to prevent scratches from furniture movement occurring. We'd recommend mopping or wiping your tiles at least once a week to avoid and build up of dirt and grime, this will ensure the tiles longevity and beautiful look.

Avoid using harsh cleaning products such a bleach for deep cleaning and this can damage the surface of the tile, however a small dash in a bucket for a good mop is absolutely fine for most tiles. It is however important to read the specific details of every product before you clean as some tiles that are made form natural materials for example, may need to be treated differently. While most tiles will come with a protective layer we will always suggest cleaning spills as soon as possible so to prevent any possible long term damage such as stains. This can be done with a cloth or soapy sponge, so no need to worry about any high tech cleaning methods. In terms of unglazed tiles, these need cleaning products that have a neutral pH level to avoid damaging that surface layer. Similarly, glass tiles should be cleaned using a nonabrasive cleaner, again, to protect their beautiful finish.

Tiles are one of the most easily maintained material types for floors or walls as they are easily cleaned, making them ideal for the modern home. Their strong and durable properties make them a great choice in terms of longevity as they are able to endure heavy footfall as well as withstand high traffic too. Combined with their easy to clean surface tiles make for the perfect choice in any property. We have an unbelievably huge range of tiles, so get browsing today to find the perfect one for you!

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