How To Get A Country Kitchen

How To Get A Country Kitchen

Rustic homes are becoming a huge hit with property owners as it gives a gorgeous, charming and whimsical look to your home. In particular, kitchens benefit most from a country classic look working with softer colour palettes and natural materials. The country look is easy to recreate in your home and the first step to getting there is your tiles.


For starters, keep the colours of your tiles gentle and light. Avoid any of those bold colours like reds, blacks or any kind of shiny or modern style of tile. A true cottage kitchen works with charming colours such as beiges, creams or pastel greens. You want to create a weathered look to your kitchen so try to stick to natural colours. You can opt for darker colours on your floors however. A natural dark slate or stone tiled floor would look stunning when matched with the right accessories and gives your home an authentic cottage look.


A great place to start in terms of the style of your tile would be a metro tile. It’s vintage, classic look is ideal of country cottages. Use these tiles in a warm cream colour with a high gloss finish for that authentic finish. Alternatively, a pattern tile is also perfect. The rustic look of a patterned tile gives off a truly rustic aesthetic that, when paired with wood accessories, looks fabulously traditional. Try to look for a pattern that uses mixed and matched designs for a haphazard approach that brings that relaxed atmosphere with it.  As previously mentioned, black slate tiles would be great on your floor. However, there are plenty of other options to choose from. For example, a limestone or stone tile would be equally as classic. These natural materials do come it at a few extra pounds and pence though, so try instead a stone effect tie for that same great look for less. Also, try a wood effect tile. Wood tends to be a material people avoid in kitchens, opting for a low maintenance tile instead. This is why wood effect tiles are perfect as they combine the beautiful wood look with the practicality of the tile - great for these country cottage kitchens.


The reason cottage kitchens are so classic is thanks to the mixing of materials. The traditional kitchen works with worn leather chairs, distressed wood cabinets and tarnished metal handles or sinks. Ultimately, you want the room to look as thought its gracefully aged. This is why your tiles are so important, they are the blank canvas that allow you to build you design professionally. Your accessories don’t have to be old however, a lot of modern accessories take inspiration from these vintage designs with a slightly contemporary twist which will give your home the same whimsical feel but with a modern twist.

And there you have it, three top tips to getting a country kitchen that are easy and cheap to incorporate in to your home. We have a stunning range of tiles that would be ideal for country kitchens including cream metro tiles and wood effect floor tiles. Order your free sample today to see them for yourself!

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