Squared Tiles are Back on Track!

Squared Tiles are Back on Track!

Among recent trends such as metro or terracotta tiles, there is another tile that has always been there and is coming back into fashion. Square tiles are a classic thanks to their timeless look and geometric shape - something that is highly popular in the interior design world - and are making a comeback. So if you like the concept but you don’t know how to incorporate them to your place, here are some ideas.

Mixing Colours

Square tiles have the advantage of being versatile so they can create a wide range of looks from dramatic to softer designs. A great way of doing things is by mixing a colour palette, meaning you use lots of square tiles with different colours. You can go with all neutral colours or maybe something more bold like red. Another great way of mixing neutral colours is something like a beige tile with something a bit more lively like a green tile, and by doing this you are sure to get an amazing match.

Stay Classic

Victorian bathrooms are meeting a period of success and lots of interior designers are going for this style. The classic white and black tile combination is experiencing a period of rejuvenation, so what a better way to do this than by using squared tiles? A good way of designing a Victorian bathroom is by using vintage furniture such as a traditional bath, and using black and white checkerboard tiles for the flooring. Because black and white are so easy to match, it will be very easy to change the furniture from time to time without having to change the tiles again.

Creating Patterns

Patterns are another big trend for tiles at the moment, as they are perfect to give a bit of life to a rather neutral room for example. You can work with square tiles to create patterns, and this works lovely for country and rustic looks. You can work with a farmhouse pattern and make a room cosy and welcoming.  If you worry about this feeling a bit outdated and old-fashioned, you can always contrast this with contemporary furniture!

Making a Mosaic

We can’t talk about square tiles without mentioning another big trend - mosaics. These square tiles are much smaller and are perfect when you are going for themes such as Moroccan or Mediterranean. Mosaics help give  a room a unique texture and pattern. They are great when you are looking to create a feature wall and in the kitchen they can be used for backsplash. They are great as a focal point in a room, add character, and are great to mix and match with plain tiles to create a perfect balance between originality and sobriety. A great way of combining mosaic with other tiles is by creating a border with mosaic tiles for example, and using bigger and more neutral tiles for the rest.

So there you have it - some ideas of how to use square tiles at home. As you can see, you can’t go wrong with them. So why wait any longer to choose your favourite squared tiles?

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