Tile Colour Guide

Tile Colour Guide

Not so long ago white and cream were the go-to colours for homeowners thanks to their modern associations and versatility. However, over recent years colour has made a huge comeback in our homes as more and more of us are looking to bold colours for inspiration. The colour choices you make in your home are a personal reflection of yourself and your personality, so try to focus on this instead of whats trending at the time. Using colours in your home will therefore be timeless, as they are based on your opinions and tastes. Therefore, we’ve made a list on how tile colours can create different atmospheres and designs.

Brown Tiles

Brown is a beautiful natural colour that bring warmth and comfort to your home. In terms of versatility, brown tiles can be used in any room of the home for that added bit of coziness. Similarly, brown lends itself nicely to plants and other natural accessories allowing you to bring the outside, in.

Black Tiles

For an elegant and glamorous look use a black tile. Black tiles bring a luxurious edge to a room like no other tile. Black tiles don’t have to darken a room, match with the right lighting and you can create a bathroom that looks and feels expensive. Black tiles are great for busy homes as they are less likely to show up those signs of wear and tear. Black tiles work well with their long-term partner white tiles for a vintage and classic look.

White Tiles

White tiles are a classic look and act as a blank canvas from which you can build other colours and designs. White tiles are the most widely used as their non-offensive colour makes bathrooms and kitchens have a wider appeal. This is ideal if you are looking to sell on a property. White tiles are a great choice if you like to keep a clean home. Dirt and mess show up easier, which means you are more likely to maintain them well, increasing your hygiene level massively. White tiles are a neutral and modern choice for a fresh, crisp look.

Grey Tiles

Grey is a colour that might not first cross your mind, but is hugely popular right now if you are looking to follow trends. It can offer you a diverse range of looks including the popular industrial and Scandinavian aesthetics sweeping homes across the country right now. Grey is a softer way of introducing darker colours to your home that give a dramatic and stylish edge too. There are many shades to grey, some with colder tones and some with warmer blues and purples all of which will help to build different looks.

Red Tiles

For a true splash of colour, red tiles are the best for creating a bit of drama. A warm colour, red can help to make a room feel less cold and airy by adding that much needed flair of design. Red works well with blacks, greys and whites so try to combine these colours where you can so to not drown your room with too much of this rich colour.

Blue Tiles

Blue tiles are a often traditional choice for a bathroom thanks to it’s colour association to water. Blue itself is a calming and soothing colour, perfect for lounges, bedrooms and of course bathrooms. Blue tiles can help to bring in a number of aesthetics to a room while still offering that much sought after warmth. It is often a misconception that blue can make a room feel cooler, but if you opt for blue tiles that have warm undertones such as purple and navy, you won’t be left with that clinical feel.

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