Tiles That Sell Houses

Tiles That Sell Houses

Whether you’re looking to move on and sell your current home or you're a property developer needing design tips on how to sell on a house, we’re here to offer the best advise on which tiles sell. Here are the top six tile designs that help to move houses of the market, fast.

Contrasting Grout

With the vintage and rustic trend showing no signs of slowing down, one of the key things that help you bathroom or kitchen stand out from the rest is the use of contrasting grout. Perfect for creating that retro and glamorous look, contrasting grout emphasises the shape and style of your tile beautifully. Think of using a white tile with a black grout to give a vintage effect that will transform your room and achieve that professional aesthetic. Similarly, a black tile with a white grout will also give you a that same look.

Neutral Colours

While we may feel like neutral colours are on their way out, they will forever hold their universal appeal unlike any other palette to date. A neutral colour tile will give you that fresh, clean look that helps potential buyers to image themselves in your property. Their natural tones are very open to interpretation meaning that buyers will have full personalisation abilities and offers a wide appeal to many different design tastes.

Bold Bathrooms

Just as the natural palette is a sure-fire win, so are brighter and bolder colours. The trend for daring colours and patterns has only been around for a few years but is showing promise and is becoming a firm favourite among designers. The neutral palette is almost expected, meaning some buyers may find this boring or ‘safe'. A bolder or more ‘out there’ design choice can make your bathroom stand out from the crowd by showing character and appeal. When looking for tiles, consider colours such as rich blues, purples, red, oranges, greens or blacks for those daring designs. Bolder colours are often more favourable with younger buyers, so its important to consider who you are targeting when you put your house on the market.

Natural Stone

Nothing says rustic more than a stone tile. It’s gorgeous natural look emotes feeling of that country classic home but when used with stylish greys and blacks can also be very modern. Stone tiles are that bit more expensive, giving your property a slightly luxurious feel that could put it ahead in terms of the buyers choices. For a tile with incredible longevity as well as a beauty, the stone tile is your perfect choice.

Large Floor Tiles

Large floor tiles can help to create the illusion of more floor space. Therefore, using larger tiles on your floor can make it seem more grand as the larger area per tile can make them look as though they are more expensive. Large tiles can help to balance out rooms as well in terms of dimensions. This is great to consider if you have a big room that you are trying to make feel slightly cosier.

Metro Tiles

Of course, we can’t put together a list of tiles that sell without mentioning the metro tile. Ridiculously popular at the moment, the metro tile shows no signs on fading away and is seen cropping up in homes and commercial properties alike up and down the country. Their vintage and retro look can transform your bathroom or kitchen instantly for a glamorous look.

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