Using Glass Mosaic Tiles

Using Glass Mosaic Tiles

Renown for its gorgeous and stylish look, the mosaic tile is ideal if you’re looking to create a stunning design in your bathroom or kitchen. The mosaic tiles harmonious blend of colours makes working with tones easy and allows you to build up that depth within a room. Similarly, mosaic tiles are a great way of adding some character to a home and can liven up an otherwise dull space with ease.

Mosaic tiles have a rich history with evidence of dating all the way back to Mesopotamia in 3000BC. Then, mosaic tiles were made from pebbles before eventually moving on to glass pieces. Nowadays, mosaic tiles are available in all sorts of materials but glass has remained one of the key materials that give them their recognisable look.

For an authentic glass mosaic tile look you want to be looking at those neutral tones. These browns and beiges give the mosaic tile its slightly more historical look and are perfect for older properties that just need a hint of modern influence. The distinctive look of the mosaic tile means you don’t need to use bold colours for it to stand out, it’s natural shine and beauty will still catch the eye seamlessly. 

Mosaic tiles are incredibly versatile in how they are installed. You can opt for a whole mosaic wall to wall look or just incorporate glass mosaic tiles subtly. For example, a single strip down a wall adds that pop of colour and sophisticated design whereas entire walls can create a more dramatic aesthetic. Mosaic tiles also make for stunning splashbacks in kitchens which make for an excellent feature point in the room. Since they typically use glass, mosaic tile can therefore offer you an unbeatable shine which reflects light around a room nicely. Try to consider your placement of the tiles as they work best with light. For example, when used near windows the natural light reflection will help to open up a room massively.

Don’t feel restricted to bathrooms and kitchens however. As with any tile, mosaic tiles have many applications around the home. Using mosaic tiles on the vertical underside of your stairs can give that pop of colour and bring life back to your staircase, especially if you’re wanting to draw attention to them. In terms of practicality, mosaic tiles are very easy to install. Often misunderstood, the tiny mosaic tiles aren’t installed individually as this would be a lengthy and arduous chore. Mosaic tiles are instead sold in “sheets” that are easily cut to shape. This means they are installed like any other larger tile but still give the end look as though every individual small tile was installed itself.

Nowadays mosaic tile are available in a wide range colours and materials making finding your perfect one easy.  Whether you opt for a simple ceramic gird style mosaic or want to include other materials like glass and stone, the mosaic tile is sure to offer you a timeless and classic look that has a wider appeal than most other tiles.

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