What Tile Colour is Best for Your Place?

What Tile Colour is Best for Your Place?

If you are thinking of giving a makeover to your place and have your eye on tiles, surely one of the questions that pops up first is which colour tiles should I choose? Colour is crucial for the overall look of the place, and if chosen poorly, you could end up with a chaotic room. From matching with existing décor to choosing the best shade for your taste, there are lots of options when it comes to the colour. 


Neutral Colours


Neutral colours are those that are not highly saturated or bold. Among the neutral colours that are common in tiles are grey, black, white, brown and cream. For a modern finish, grey tiles are perfect for adding elegance to your place. In addition, grey is very versatile due to its numerous shades. Black tiles are very classy and perfect for big rooms. We don’t recommend them for small rooms, as black will make them seem even smaller. However, if you don’t want to renounce to this colour, you can always mix them with white tiles for a classic and timeless look. Cream tiles on the other hand are perfect, as they give a tad of warm colour whilst still opening the space. They are also great for sophisticated and elegant atmospheres. If you want something a bit more earthy and natural looking, then don’t hesitate to go for brown!


Blue Tiles


Blue has endless possibilities, though at the moment navy blue is a favourite. Blue tiles are perfect to create a relaxing atmosphere and are ideal if you want a coastal or Mediterranean look. A great combination is deep blue tiles with some gold or cream accessories. This design will give a sophisticated touch to your place.


Green Tiles


Green is great when you want to bring a bit of zest to your place. Vibrant and fresh green tiles are great to add some character to a room. They work well as a backsplash in the kitchen, or complimented with other less vibrant tiles such as white or grey for a bold, stand out effect.


Pink Tiles


Pink tiles are very trendy - this fresh colour can transform the room and give it a contemporary look. A big benefit is that you have lots of options from pastels to fuchsia shades, so it doesn’t have to look stereotypically childlike or feminine. Pink matches very well with varying shades of beige and brown. You can also find them in mosaic tiles which make them pop out in a room and make a statement.


Red Tiles


This colour is becoming more and more popular. From bold and bright to more subtle maroon shades, red guarantees a touch of life will be added to the room. We understand that such bold colours can be intimidating and you might not want to cover all the walls or floor with it, so you can instead try mixing and matching it with a more neutral colour. For example, try incorporating red into a feature to give originality to your place.


These are some of the colours that work best in tiles, but of course it all depends of your personal taste and what you like! See our full range for an incredible wealth of colours to choose from.

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