Which Tiles Should I Choose For My Kitchen?

Which Tiles Should I Choose For My Kitchen?

When thinking about tiles for your kitchen, it can be a bit overwhelming when looking through all of the brands, materials, colours and various other specifications. But don't worry, we've got you covered. We're going to lay it all on the table for you as to which tile is the best to use in your kitchen.

In terms of material, the best bet for kitchens in terms of price would be porcelain. A porcelain tile is incredibly durable and can handle the wear and tear of everyday life impeccably. This makes it great for using in kitchens as we know that at times things can get a bit hectic and messy in there! Porcelain tiles are also a relatively cheap choice too, and because they are easier to make than some other tiles, there is an unlimited amount of looks and styles available, which means finding your perfect tile just became that bit easier. The dense properties of porcelain makes it less porous and therefore is able to avoid absorbing moisture, something that is critically important for a kitchen. This makes cooking and cleaning a dream rather than a chore, another little added benefit is that because of its less porous surface, the tile is less likely to stain, leaving you to get lost in the cooking and forget about the mess.

However, the right tile depends a lot on what look you are trying to achieve. All of our tiles are suitable to be used in a kitchen environment, and tiles are typically the go-to choice in any home when decorating your cooking space. If you are looking for something a little more upmarket, a granite or marble tile will do the trick. Their luxurious looks really help to add value to your property as well as being incredibly practical in their abilities. Similarly, quartz and glass tiles offer that modern and sophisticated look as well as also being able to handle kitchen life. If you're after something a bit more natural however, a natural stone, travertine, slate or terracotta tile will do the trick. Their rustic look brings a lot of character to a room and will help to bring a more earthy and homely look to your kitchen.

To sum up, there isn't any one tile that is better than the other. The best tile in terms of price and variety would be porcelain, however, any of our kitchen tiles look incredible and are also practical too. It all depends on your unique situation ranging from pricing to aesthetics, so take a look at our huge kitchen tile collection to discover the perfect tile that's waiting for you!

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