Why Choose Slate Tiles

Why Choose Slate Tiles

With the rustic trend well and truly making itself a firm favourite in the interiors world, slate tiles are becoming to go-to favourite among homeowners. Slate tiles are incredibly versatile, fitting in perfectly with contemporary, traditional or modern aesthetics as well as the previously mentioned rustic look. With its beautiful texture, slate brings in that beauty of nature to your home with ease.

A natural material, slate comes in many variations including colour and texture. It can therefore be matched with contemporary offices or country countertops in your kitchen. The colour of slate widely varies depending on the formation of the slate. This ranges from a jet black all the way through to lighter beiges and creams. Often when people think of slate their will first picture a grey colour, but this simply isn’t the case and there is definitely a colour of slate that is perfect for everyone. As with any natural material, slate offers a beautifully aged look that will make your property appear  to have a rich history and therefore considered more expensive. The natural aspect of a genuine slate tile means that no two tiles are the same. This gives you a stunning unique and individual look in your home that won’t be found anywhere else.

Naturally, slate can be fairly absorbent so its imperative to seal your slate tiles properly so that no dirt or oils affect the tile. However, most slate effect tiles that are made from porcelain are fully waterproof whilst still giving you the look and feel of the real thing. Slate effect tiles are also noticeably cheaper so are ideal if you are tiling on a budget and don’t want to opt for substance over style. Use good quality cleaning products to maintain your slate tiles and they shall bring you many years of gorgeous use.

As mentioned earlier, slate tiles are an amazing natural material. As such, they are excellent at retaining heat. Slate tile are safe for use with underfloor heating which means you won’t have that dreaded cold tiled floor. Instead, slate tiles feel surprisingly soft and warm to the touch so are great if you are looking to cut back on those energy bills and move towards more sustainable living.

If you’re looking for a tile that will keep on giving, slate tiles are your answer. They are incredibly strong and are highly unlikely to ever break or need replacing, which means you are investing in a life long floor or wall material. Unlike a carpet for example, slate tiles will never wear down or retain dust and allergens making them a hygienic choice too. This is great in kitchens or bathrooms which experience heavy footfall and usage.

To summarise, slate tiles are an excellent investment for your home. Brining both beauty and practicality, the slate tile is an all round winner and will give your home sophisticated class as well as warmth, durability and longevity. View our slate tile today here.

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